The Law Society of Finland

The Law Society of Finland (Juridiska Föreningen i Finland r.f. in Swedish and Suomen Lainopillinen Yhdistys ry. in Finnish) is the oldest law association in Finland. It was founded in 1862. The association is bilingual and meetings are held in both Finnish and Swedish. The minutes are held in Swedish.

The Law Society of Finland has approximately 600 members and is based in Helsinki with chapters in Turku and Vaasa. The independent association “Ålands jurister” also has close ties with the Law Society of Finland.

The Law Society of Finland organizes regular discussion meetings, publishes and supports legal literature in Swedish and seeks in other ways to promote the knowledge of jurisprudence.

The journal JFT published by the Law Society of Finland has been published since 1865 and has a circulation of 830 copies today. It is published six times a year. Each member receives the journal as a membership benefit.

The Law Society of Finland is a member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies as well as the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

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The contact details are found here in Swedish and in Finnish here.